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How To Opt-Out Of » Direct Marketing Lists

The direct marketing industry stores personal data which Government and companies frequently ask you to provide (such as your name, address and tel no).

Usually, it's helpful to have this data stored by the direct marketing industry — it can make marketing more relevant to you as an individual, but you might want to suppress your data if for example, you want to stop nuisance calls and many other forms of direct marketing from the UK AND OVERSEAS.

We are a nationally recognised independent service dedicated to empowering and protecting the privacy of UK consumers.

As a registered data controller and regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) we are committed to ensure your personal data is processed fairly and lawfully.

Dedicated To Protecting
Your Privacy For Over A Decade

Stop Nuisance Calls » And More

Step 1 » Register free to choose which one of the DMA's preference services you would like to be registered with and request a permanent opt out of the edited version of the Electoral Roll.

Step 2 » Exercise your legal rights against hundreds of data suppliers, call centers, PPI claims and personal injury companies. We exist to make this task quick and simple for you.

Step 3 » Be proactive and carefully manage your personal information. Information and tips are available throughout our site. Click here to discover more.

Your privacy is our priority, upon your registration via our secure registration form one of our data privacy experts will assist you in stopping nuisance calls.

Stop Nuisance Calls

Do nuisance phone calls spoil your day? Register your telephone number with and block nuisance calls, automated nuisance silent calls, pre-recorded messsages and international !

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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Compare the difference between CallBlocker and the services offered by telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls, the monthly costs involved and the limits imposed.

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