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Here you can compare the features and functionality available in various call blockers. Our main goal is to provide unbiased recommendations to consumers. The data presented is based on actual testing of these products as well as extensive research about these products using their support websites and available documentation.

Below is the list of the top selling call blockers in the UK market and abroad.


BT ( British Telecom ) have brought out yet another fantastic home phone - the BT 8500. This phone has brought new and improved call blocking features to the fore, claiming to be able to block all unwanted calls utilising previous technology as per the BT 6500 range this is further enhanced with the addition of Call Guardian and True Call.

Call Guardian has a fascinating feature which can be set, not only to block certain numbers, but to also force withheld numbers to physically identify themselves giving you the chance to decide whether to take the call, reject it or send to answer phone - freedom of choice.

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BT6500 and BT6510

The BT6500 and BT6510, which has the same features but a different style of base station, home phones each offer a built-in answering machine and dedicated call blocking capabilities.

These BT phones can block up to 10 specific incoming numbers or all calls of a certain type, such as international calls, those from a withheld number or those without a caller ID and payphones.

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Community CallBlocker
Community CallBlocker - from £39.99

When the Community CallBLOCKER sees a call, it answers before your phone rings. We tell the caller the line is being protected and monitored. Callers press * to be connected. Friends only hear the challenge message the first time they call; thereafter their number is recognized and they are put straight through.

The CallBLOCKER system recognises common numbers being blocked by Community Members. Those numbers are then automatically blocked for everyone else in the Community before they are disturbed.

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CPR Callblocker
CPR Call Blocker - from £40

The CPR Call Blocker comes pre-programmed with the numbers of 200 nuisance callers and has a 'Block Now' button that lets you add new numbers and permanently stop them getting through.

The Call Blocker lets you block specific numbers or by area code or type. It also enables you to block withheld and international numbers and can also block ones made over the internet (a growing problem from overseas call centres) and those with a fake single zero caller ID.

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CPR Callblocker V202
CPR Call Blocker V202

A 3 Inch caller display screen, large "Block Now" button, 1200 number capacity and has the ability to block unwanted callers from Cordless DECT extension handsets by pressing #2.

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Call Patrol
Call Patrol - from £40

Small, compact and easy to set up, the Call Patrol CallBlocker works alongside your telephone provider's caller ID (which is free with BT and most other providers). When you receive an unwanted or nuisance call, just press the 'Blacklist' button. It's as simple as that. The number will be permanently blocked from calling and pestering you.

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Stop Nuisance Calls

Do nuisance phone calls spoil your day? Register your telephone number with and block nuisance calls, automated nuisance silent calls, pre-recorded messsages and international !

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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Compare the difference between CallBlocker and the services offered by telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls, the monthly costs involved and the limits imposed.

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