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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What does this website do?
  • A. This website allows you to register with various opt-out services to reduce the amount of unwanted mail and sales calls you receive.

  • Q. Is this free?
  • A. Absolutely! Our level 1 service submits your details to the opt-out services based in the UK.

  • Q. Which opt-out services can I register with through
  • A. At the moment you can register with the Direct Marketing Association's Telephone, Mail and Baby Mail Preference Services.


  • The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) deals with unwanted mail for households.
  • The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) deals with cold calling for households.
  • The Baby Mailing Preference Service (BMPS) deals with baby-related unwanted mail.
  • The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) deals with unwanted sales calls to businesses.
  • The Fax Preference Service (FPS) deals with unwanted marketing-related facsimiles to businesses and households. .

  • Q. These opt-out services are already available online. Why did you build this site?
  • A. We built it to both simplify and unify the process of registering for services. Our aim is to make registration more attractive, which we hope will ultimately benefit consumers. Currently, users are forced to sign up for each service separately, which means providing largely the same information each time. The amount of information required is not insubstantial. This is a tedious process which probably discourages many people from signing up. Furthermore, users are expected to re-submit their details again wholesale for address changes and in the case of some services, when registration expires. We've therefore attempted to make things easier by creating a single submission form covering all services.

  • Q. What does the level 2 service do?
  • A. Since operating this service for over decade we have built a database of thousands of organisations who process data for direct marketing or market research purposes. We contact these organisations on your behalf and legally notify them to cease contacting you for a one off fee of just £29.99 for the year. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we offer a no quibble money back Guarantee. This service covers:


  • Companies based overseas.
  • Companies based in the UK who claim to have your explicit, written, oral or implied consent.
  • Companies who call you for market research or lifestyle surveys.
  • Companies sending you junk mail.
  • Companies sending you junk faxes.
  • Unaddressed mail or mail addressed to 'The Occupier'
  • Mail from small local businesses (leaflets, fliers etc.)
  • Spam emails.
  • Unwanted SMS/text messages.

  • Q. How do we measure the satisfaction rate ?
  • A. Our 99% satisfaction rate is measured by surveying a broad sample of 100 level 2 members every month. We have chosen to publish a monthly report on our website to underline our commitment to being open and honest - our core values include openness, honesty, involvement, fairness, respect and privacy. Please read our member reviews.


  • Q. What does the level 3 service do?
  • A. This is the same as level 2 however the cover is for 2 years.

  • Q. How does the CallBlocker work?
  • A. Callblocker plays a recorded message to the caller stating you do not accept sales and marketing calls and requests invited callers to press 5 to continue.

Stop Nuisance Calls

Do nuisance phone calls spoil your day? Register your telephone number with and block nuisance calls, automated nuisance silent calls, pre-recorded messsages and international !

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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Compare the difference between CallBlocker and the services offered by telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls, the monthly costs involved and the limits imposed.

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