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Charity Publishing

If you have received a nuisance call, from a charity publishing company intimidating you or calls from a debt collection agencies threatning court action, then call Opt-Out UK. We decided to address a major issue concerning charity publishing and support advertising by advising business owners on how to stop charity calls.

We will stop cold calls made to you by a representative of a charity publishing company, because it could be followed up with an invoice asking you to pay up. The amount involved is usually (£60 - £300) in the hope that you will pay up because it is not worth the hassle.

The publishing companies representative pulls on the heart strings and records the call after you have fallen for the spiel. So a written record can be produced showing that you were contacted and agreed to support a local children's charity or emergency services campaign by advertising your business in a diary, funbook or wallchart.

So Are You Contractually Bound & What Can You Do To Protect Yourself ?

Unfortunately! You are legally bound to pay an invoice if you agree to the publishing company’s terms & conditions verbally or in writing. Which means the publishing company who is invoicing you is operating within the laws of business by threatening you with payment demands & court action if you don't pay up.

You can protect yourself by introducing a number of measures within your company, such as appoint one person to deal with cold calls, keep logs on what is said, request a solicitation statement, telephone the company and deny any liability with a follow up letter and notify your local Trading Standards Office.

If you receive a nuisance call from your business iphone, you can ask your service provider for a copy of your monthly bill. You can find the number of the nuisance caller from there. If this doesn't help, you can contact the nuisance call bureau nearest you. These are some of the tips that can protect you from the intimidation of nuisance calls.

But Why Go Through All The Above, When We Can Do It For YOU?

Utilising the above tips on protecting yourself will not stop unscrupulous charity publishing companies from wasting your time or sending you payment demands because they are acting within the bounds of the law. Even if you report the matter to your Local Trading Standards Office or register with the Telephone Preference Service, it won't stop charity calls from hundreds of similar publishing companies trying the same tactic.

Let us remove the Hassle & the Worry - So You Can Concentrate Your Resources in More Productive Areas of Your Business. REGISTER TO STOP CHARITY CALLS NOW.


Stop Nuisance Calls

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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