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Telephone Preference Service » Stop Cold Callers Flouting The TPS. is regulated by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Registered Data Controller (Registration Number ZA176972)

There is a 70% chance that your number is already registered on the Telephone Preference Service and you're still receiving nuisance calls!

We can help. Firstly click here to check the TPS and we will confirm if you are registered.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) » The Facts

  • The Telephone Preference Service only stops 46% of the nuisance calls that you receive. (Source: Brookmead Consulting)
  • The Telephone Preference Service won't stop scams, market research calls, recorded calls, calls from companies where you have unwittingly 'opted in' or calls from companies based abroad. (Source: Which?)
  • If you are registered on the Telephone Preference Service, the burden is on you to identify and report nuisance callers.
  • £1.5 Million of revenue is generated by Telephone Preference Service license fees every year.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Plus OptOutUK.Com

  • We help you eliminate 100% of the nuisance calls that you receive.
  • We prevent your personal data being sold to nuisance callers.
  • You can hold organisations accountable by using our online platform.
  • These organisations voluntarily screen against our opt-out files at NO COST.

Our collective voice, over a decade of experience and know-how guarantees you the peace of mind you need.

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Telephone Preference Service

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Stop Nuisance Calls

Do nuisance phone calls spoil your day? Register your telephone number with and block nuisance calls, automated nuisance silent calls, pre-recorded messsages and international !

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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Compare the difference between CallBlocker and the services offered by telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls, the monthly costs involved and the limits imposed.

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